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TFN Warrior's Wase Pemni

Pemni is now living at her new home in Texas where she will giving her new family lots of love and pretty new curly babies!! 
This precious little filly was born in April of 2013 out of our sweet mare MeSesko, and sired by our stallion Nagi. She is one sweet little gal! She is out of the wonderful Warrior line of curly horses that trace their heritage back to Chief Sitting Bull's own horses. Warrior horses are known for their great conformation and excellent personalities!! Pemni is a beautiful buckskin/dun like her mama MeSesko and grandmother Maizzie with all the markings- dorsal stripe, dark points, shoulder shadows and awesome legs bars! Her Lakota name means "Twisted Face Paint" in recognition of her cute little twisted blaze on her face. Pemni is going to be one heck of a horse partner! She is an extreme curly - which means she has a wonderful, thick, very curly coat. She even has curly eyelashes! As an extreme, she most likely won't grow as long of a mane and tail as her herd mates, but, it also means she has an EXTREME curly personality! She is EXTREMELY friendly, EXTREMELY calm and confident, EXTREMELY curious and EXTREMELY smart! She will be an EXTREMELY easy girl to work with and train and EXTREMELY willing and eager to be your friend and partner! She loves her human family and is always one of the first to greet us in the pasture - if not the very first! She is too young to ride of course just yet, but from watching her move, she looks to have inherited her mama MeSesko's wonderful smooth trot. She will make an EXTREMELY wonderful breeding mare, western trail and/or pleasure partner! She should mature to 14.3-15hh - great size for any age or any discipline - not too tall and not too short. Nice smooth back too- she will even be comfortable bareback like her mama! Love this little gal!!
Only minutes old here and already so evident what a sweetheart she is! She was born on a chilly morning in early April, so we covered her in hay to help keep her warm until she finished drying off.

Here you can see where she gets her name- Wase Pemni means "Twisted Face Paint" in Lakota Sioux. Kind of looks like a flower and stem. :-)
Friendly and accepting of us from the very first minute she was born! What a sweet girl she is!!
Her wonderful conformation and build were apparent very early. As well as her easy going, calm, friendly personality.
Just a bug Teddy Bear!!
Getting big! Now almost a year and a 1/2 old and that great build showing! Going to be a looker and great partner just like her big Brother Tahalo who is a stallion in England!
Sweet face with big puppy dog eyes! Always looking to play and share some lovin'!
And check out those CURLS!!! Pemni will most likely be homozygous for curls as most extreme curlies are. So thick and soft!! :-)
Love checking out each little curl....especially the little spirals in her ears!
Even her eyelashes are curly!! How sweet is that?!!