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TFN Warrior's Cica Tahalo

This AWESOME guy was born in the spring of 2010, the first foal out of our sweet mare MeSesko. Can't say enough good stuff about this guy! He is smart, extremely calm and confident and very handsome too!! He is an eye-catching combination of buckskin/dun and pinto! Very flashy! As much as we hated to part with him, he has an awesome new home in England, along with his 1/2 sister Cikala, where he will be a breeding stallion. The new owners are over the moon for this guy and we get reports almost weekly of his progress in training and his very first breeding with a curly foal on the way for 2014!! He recently went to his very first show where he competed in a halter class and he took 3rd! We look forward to following his career and are excited for the wonderful home he has with his new family! More information and great pictures coming soon!
Predicting a Boy...
Tahalo is the first foal out of our sweet and smart mare, MeSesko. When she was approaching her due date, I remember seeing her standing at the gate behind the barn, all the way from our second-story bedroom window, I could see the jumping and bouncing around going on inside her womb! Her whole body was jolting from the commotion going on in there! We witnessed this many times, and from the rambunctiousness of the wee curly baby she was soon to deliver- we predicted a BOY! And we were right! So, we decided to come up with a name suitable for this feisty little guy. We like to give them names in Lakota Sioux in honor of their wonderful heritage that traces all the way back to Sitting Bull's own horses. I searched and studied my large Lakota language dictionaries and names like "Wild Child" and "feisty", "rowdy" just didn't not translate into names we could use very easily. So we came up with TFN Warrior's Cica Tahalo which means "The Rawhide Kid", we figured that suit this sweet and feisty little guy and we liked calling him Tahalo (Pronounced with a "D" instead of a "T" - Dah-halo).
Living up to his name...
When we have new babies on the farm, it is my very favorite time to take pictures. Love being there for their births and capturing those first moments as mama and baby meet and get to know one another. Such an honor and privilege to be there to witness it. And, within minutes, you can already see there personalities reveal themselves. This was especially the case with Tahalo.  I had taken several pictures and put them lens cap back on and turned the camera off....all to soon! Mama MeSesko, tired from her first labor and birth experience, had laid back down to rest a bit. Tahalo was standing behind her, when all of a sudden, he got this look in his eyes. It is a look most mothers of young boys would recognize that says "I wonder what would happen if I did this..." Now, keep in mind, he is only minutes old- even still wet, when, all at once, he jumps up and lands leg sprawled across his mama's back! Louis was yelling, "Are you getting a picture, did you get a picture?!!!" Meanwhile I am fumbling as fast as I can to get the lens cap off and the camera turned back on, only to just miss the shot I was aiming to get and just got him as he slid off.
If you enjoy those sweet precious first few minutes of life shots of mama and new baby, we invite you to enjoy the following slide show of pictures from the night of Tahalo's birth...
So, Tahalo continued to show off his calm, curious, adventurous and intelligent personality....always looking to try new things and new ways of doing things....even though his mama MeSesko may not have always been so keen on his ideas! ;-)

Full of persoanlity, curious, calm, smart and a real sweetheart - Tahalo was a joy to have here at Three Feathers and watching him grow into a young colt was such a pleasure and a lot of fun! Watch the slide show below and watch him grow and change into a handsome stallion!