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TFN Nagi Hanhepi Wi To

We here at Three Feathers would like to introduce you to our herd stallion- Nagi. His full name is TFN Nagi Hanhepi Wi To which is Lakota Sioux in honor of the curly horses' rich Native American history. His name means "Shadow of the Blue Moon" because he was born during a blue moon and it cast it's shadow on his side. Nagi was our very first colt born here at Three Feathers and we hit the nail on the head the first time out and got a winner! Can't say enough good stuff about this guy! He exuded confidence the minute he hit the ground- confident, calm and proud from the beginning. Awesome conformation, gorgeous movement and an awesome curly coat complete the package! He is a sweet heart- loves to be with us and full of character and a fun, playful spirit as well! We invite you to view the video of him below for some wonderful shots of him starting as a youngster here on the farm with his dam, our mare Katee. 
Bloodlines and Registration
Nagi is a full American Curly Horse and is registered with both the American Bashkir Curly Registry, # 3954, and the North American Curly Horse Registry, #1378-D. He was born in 2007 and is a tobiano black and white pinto. He keeps a full very curly mane and spiraled tail that touches the ground year round. He is out of our own mare Lazy C Kurlee Katee and Apache Fox. You can view his pedigree here-
TFN Nagi Hanhepi Wi To Pedigree

Personality and Character
A little bit about Nagi's personality and character- he is a true gentleman, but still a big playful kid at heart. He loves being around us and will follow us around like a big puppy dog, eager to "help" us with whatever projects we are doing. He loves interacting with us and is exceedingly curious and eager to get into whatever new tools or equipment we bring into the barn or pasture. If we would let him, I truly believe he would ride the bush hog. Nothing seems to scare him. We have even started up chainsaws near him and he wasn't fazed by it. I would give anything if we would have recorded the first time we took a tarp into the field with him- just a new toy to him! We had it draped over his back and he had it in his mouth shaking it and dragging it all over the place. If we ran away dragging it, he chased it! Not the typical horse reaction to a new tarp in the field we so typically see on horse training programs. True curly horse confidence and intelligence! Another incident I wish we had recorded was the first time we exposed Nagi and some of the other horses to a trailer for the first time. Nagi was a young colt at the time, but still nothing scary about it to him- just more fun! He went right up into it on his own and loved it... we couldn't keep him out of it long enough to let the others have a turn at checking it out. Again, not your typical response to being exposed to a new trailer for the first time! I have since learned to always take the camera or video camera with me when we do fun new things with the horses to be sure and catch these fun moments!
Nagi inherited his wonderful sensitivity and work ethic from his dam, katee. He responds to the slightest touch and has never questioned our leadership. Even when around mares in heat, or at breeding time, he always responds to our commands and is easy to handle. This sensitivity coupled with his high intelligence and eagerness to please has made his training go exceptionally smooth and quick. He has always been eager to please and do whatever we have asked of him and he loves the interaction with us. We always start with ground training leading up to the horses' saddle training. Once Nagi was mature enough to support the weight of a rider, Louis started his training to be ridden. Following ground training exercises in the arena, Louis would get up on him for about 10 minutes at the end and sit on his back and begin cuing him for movement, turning, stopping, etc. After only 4 of these 10 minute "rides", Nagi was doing so well that Louis was confident enough to ride him around the farm for an extended ride bareback with only a halter and lead rope. You would have thought he had been ridden a 100 times before. He is a true partner and a joy to ride and have on our farm!
We have been very proud of all the foals born to date here at Three Feathers. But, once Nagi was old enough to begin siring his own foals for us, he raised the bar! All of his babies have been exceptional so far! All with very nice conformation, excellent bone, stamina, athleticism and movement. And, as if to stamp his name on them, he has passed on his wonderful wide white face blaze on to each of them! Add their wonderful sensitivity; calm, friendly disposition and confidence and you have an awesome package!
TFN Warrior's Wahca Zi
Wahca Zi is out of our beautiful mare, Maizzie. She is a gorgeous buckskin/dun with all the primitive markings including a dorsal stripe, leg bars, dark points, etc. She boasts an awesome build, is very athletic and is as sweet as they come! She is now living with her new family in New York with her sister, Ecani.
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TFN Warrior's Cica Tahalo
Can't say enough good things about this guy! He is built to the nines, has an awesome calm, confident and sweet personality and really catches your eye when he is moving! Every time I look at him, I just say "Wow!" Tahalo is a sabino pinto/dun and he is striking to look at with his unique coloring and marking! He is now living the good life, with his sister Cikala, at their new home in Great Britain where they will be the foundation of a new curly breeding farm. His new owners have fallen head over heels for this guy and we look forward to following his future and success!
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TFN Woyawaste Cikala
Cikala is a special little gal for a lot of reasons. Her name means "Little Blessing" and she truly is just that! She was a surprise Nagi and her mama had for us! She was born while my grandmother was here visiting and she is about as sweet as they come! She is a tri-colored pinto and almost a carbon copy of her mama, our beautiful Hopa with Nagi's added stamp of a wide white blaze. She has a wonderful curly coat and awesome conformation to top it all off. She is now living happily with her brother, Tahalo, in great Britain where they are being well loved and spoiled!
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TFN Warrior Amani Huhunpa
A handsome addition to the family here at Three Feathers! He is out of our beautiful mare, Hopa, and he is an impressive little fella for sure! He is a tri-colored tobiano pinto. He is the most confident baby we have had on the farm so far- NOTHING bothers or scares him! Very straight and strong conformation- wonderfully athletic...he was doing some pretty acrobatic moves right from the get-go! Check out the fun pictures on his page! why we named him "Walks on Two Legs"!! Our sweet Amani just left us at 1 year old to go to his new home in Canada where he is a herd stallion for a new curly breeding farm. We have already received wonderful reports back from his new family of what an awesome guy he is! We wish him the very best and look forward to following his career!
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TFN Warrior's Wase Pemni
Pemni was a sweetheart from the minute she was born on a cold April morning. A full sibling to Tahalo above, out of our sweet mare, MeSesko. And what great personalities these babies have had! Smart, sweet and loving - true curly horse personalities!! Pemni is our first extreme curly we have had born here at Three Feathers and with her lovely curls, sweet disposition and awesome build, she has already found her new home in Texas where she will be providing her new family with lots of love and more pretty curly babies!!
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