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Lazy C Kurlee Katee

**Katee has been with our curly herd and part of our family from the very beginning. So it has been a very heart-wrenching decision to offer her for sale. She is a very sweet mare. She stands 15 hh and is saddle trained. We would like to see her placed with her long-time friend and pasture mate Maizzie. We are willing to make a good deal if they can go to a new home together. Must go to a FORVEVER loving and caring home! Call us for more information and details.
Three Feathers would like to introduce you to our lovely mare, Lazy C Kurlee Katee. We just call her Katee. She was one of the two first curly horses we purchased to start our program. She was born in 2000 and came to us as she was just turning three years old. She is a beautiful mare with a 'crushed velvet' coat,  lovely movement and wonderful sensitivity. She is a joy to work with as she always tries her best to do whatever you ask of her and a quick learner. She is our alpha mare and takes pride in looking out after her herd mates. We invite you to watch a short video of some images of Katee below.
Bloodlines and Registration
Katee is a full American Curly Horse and is registered with both the American Bashkir Curly Registry, # 2957, and the North American Curly Horse Registry, #633-D. She was born in 2000 and is a true black with a white blaze and 2 white socks on her rear legs. She keeps a full curly mane and spiraled tail that touches the ground year round. She is out of Danny Three Sox and NE Cole's Princess. You can view her pedigree here-
Lazy C Kurlee Katee Pedigree

Personality and Character
Katee is a very sweet and sensitive mare. She is our alpha mare, but is a gentle leader. Our horses rarely ever have a mark on them from any sort of fighting, kicking or biting of any kind. They all get along well and seem to be a happy family unit. We know some who have horses they cannot even put together for fear they will harm each other. Not the case here at Three Feathers. Katee gets her message across to her charges, but is is not harsh in doing so. She takes her job as care taker pretty seriously and is always on the lookout. She is very aware and alert. When trail riding, she is always the first to detect deer or other wildlife nearby. She helps lookout for and protect the little ones, even when they are not her own. If she senses any sort of trouble among the members of the herd, she quickly gets in between them to break it up. When our mare Maizzie had her first foal, Katee stood faithfully at her stall door for 2 days, even though she had the option of going out to graze if she liked.

Katee does have a funny trait.... many times she will have a single blade of grass sticking out of one corner of her mouth, even when she is done eating. Reminds us of an old farmer with a piece of straw or blade of grass in their mouth. None of the other horses do it.....until, our stallion Nagi came along- Katee seems to have passed this funny little trait on to her son as well!! I had to laugh when I was editing the photograph below- if you look close, you can see both Katee and Nagi each have a blade of grass sticking out of the right corner of their mouths!
Katee has been a joy to train. She is extremely sensitive and willing to do what ever you ask of her. She has a great work ethic and always tries her very best and never questions your authority and what you are asking of her. She is so sensitive and easy to communicate with, she can be told to go, stop and even be steered just by the slightest movement in the saddle. We use natural horsemanship methods and she responds well to them. She has never had a bit in her mouth and we completely trust riding her in a bitless bridle. Never a moments trouble out of this lovely girl! We mostly do trail riding with her as well as some fine-tuning and exercise in the arena on occasion. Katee has passed on the wonderful traits of sensitivity and partnership to her colt- our stallion Nagi.
Katee is the dam of our beautiful stallion, Nagi. Once Nagi reached the age of 2, he started his career as our breeding stallion and has done an excellent job. Since Katee is his dam, we did not allow him to breed her, but have allowed him to breed with all our other adult mares. Since we cannot breed her Katee to Nagi, we considered selling her for a time. But, she is such a beautiful mare and has passed on such wonderful qualities to Nagi, and on down the line to his get, we have decided to keep her and have a gorgeous black curly horses stallion picked out to breed her to in the spring of 2013. We are already excited and eager for a beautiful, curly black baby in the spring of 2014!
Features in Publications
Katee and Nagi are featured on the cover of a book by our friend Tena Bastian called "Zero Beats per Minute". Cover design by Shawn Tucker of Three Feathers Creative Marketing and Photography.

Description: In the course of each of our lives, one of two things will likely happen. We will take on the role of caregiver for someone who is critically ill or we will require someone to care for us.

Michael Bastian or “Bear” as he is known to his friends was living a good life. He worked hard for everything he owned. He loved his wife and children and had finally gotten to a point where he could enjoy the fruits of his labor. At 47 years old, he was healthier than most men his age. Aside from one surgery, he had never experienced any major medical problems and according to doctors, had the heart of a twenty-two year old. He was very involved in horses and was touring the country with his wife presenting seminars based on the book she had just written.

One hot summer day, for no apparent reason, all of that changed. His life began to spiral out of control with a rare and sudden illness. It would be a painful journey for the many lives that he touched but an unrelenting one for one life in particular. His wife, Tena documented the details of the events leading up to the illness and their struggle to survive the seemingly endless complications that followed.

She will share with you a firsthand look at what brought him to this horrible place in his life, the efforts to save him and the medical mistakes that were made along the way. In sharing his amazing experience through the eyes of the one person that knows him better than anyone, she will share with you what it is like to live on the edge of your own sanity in an effort to save the one person that you love most in the world. In this dramatic true story, she will show you ways that you can avoid becoming a victim of the same medical mistakes that almost ended the life of her husband. In doing so, she will take you on the incredible journey that changed their lives forever. This is a very personal and touching love story of two people who would risk everything for one more day; one more beat of a heart that is broken

The following is a true story that actually happened in a small town in Ohio. The specific names of the hospitals in which it occurred and the names of the medical personnel involved have been omitted at the soul discretion of the Author.

Find the book on Amazon using this link-
Zero Beats per Minute on Amazon

Our lovely Katee was featured along with many other horses from our herd here at Three Feathers in the November 2012 issue of Horse Illustrated in an article on curly horses. You can view the full article and all of our other horses featured in the article, including Katee's grandson, Tahalo, who graces the cover here- Horse Illustrated November 2012 Article
Katee the 'Bearded Lady'
During the winter months, when the horses are sporting their full winter coats, we lovingly refer to Katee as our 'Bearded Lady'. She gets a much bigger 'beard' than any of the other horses! And as fate would have it, in the spring when the horses are trading their full winter attire for a lighter spring coat, her 'beard' is always the last to go. And usually, we are ready for her to give it up, so we trim it off! Love all the little different and unique traits each horse has that make them special! Funny girl!