Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
Our goal is quality, not quantity!


Here at Three Feathers, our horses are like part of the family! We keep our numbers low in order to have hands-on contact with each of them daily. We usually only breed a couple of mares each year, so have limited horses offered for sale. Although small in number, we have sold horses here in the US as well as overseas. We are familiar with the import/export process and do everything possible to make it a smooth and easy transition for the horses to get to their new homes, wherever they go - near or far. Many of our clients have told us how much it means to them to be able to find a horse for their family or breeding program that has had the wonderful start we give them here at Three Feathers. We are there for their births and part of their family from the minute they enter the world. They are loved and taught proper manners and respect, just as they receive in their own horse family. Our horses have grown up loving and respecting their human companions, and that is the best start they could ask for in their life's journey. It will set them up for success no matter where they go or what discipline they end up in, whether it be top level showing and competition, breeding mare or family trail horse. Admittedly, curly horses make it easy...but the love and early training we give them here at Three Feathers is the cherry on top!

All horses sold from Three Feathers have been loved and taken excellent care of since the day they were born.They have lived as close to a natural life for horses as possible in a domestic situation. They have large pastures where they can run and play, are exposed to all sorts of wild animals like deer and turkey running around on a daily basis. They have all been exposed to water crossings in our creeks and streams, vehicles like trucks, tractors and 4-wheelers, etc. They can be touched and handled anywhere on their bodies- no sensitive areas. They will have excellent ground manners and have received excellent hoof and natural health care. So far, we have sold all of our horses before they are an appropriate age to train for riding (we recommend not starting them for riding until they are 4 years old - check back soon for a great article and research on the subject coming soon!) What is it worth to get a horse with no bad habits to over come, no ill-feelings and nothing but love and respect for their human companions? A horse that is ready for the next step - to be your special horse and partner!!   
Cuurently offered for sale at Three Feathers -
We took a little break from breeding to train and sell a few horses. We have had several go off to wonderful homes recently. At this time, we only have 1 horse advertised as available. AND, we do not currently have any on the way for next spring either - so if you want a Three Feathers horse - better grab him before he is gone because it will be a while before we have any more to offer for sale. ;-)
TFN Wanji Lecetu Tiyatoni
Wanji is a 5 year old awesome stallion just waiting for some pretty curly girls for some lucky breeding program! Awesome conformation, exceptional personality and what an eye-catcher! We have always taken pride in the intelligence of our herd here, but Wanji tops the charts in that department! He is a tri-colored dark bay dun pinto. Wanji is an extreme so will most likely be homozygous for passing a great curly coat on to all his foals. He keeps a mane and tail all year which a a big plus for an extreme. He has a wonderfully soft and very cuddly curly coat. Extremely easy-going, calm and willing - personalities don't come any better. Wanji will also be on the tall side so would be great to add a bit of height back into a curly breeding program. He measures 15.3 hh.
Wanji is a special guy as he is the LAST colt out of our wonderful stallion Nagi. There will not be any more as we have gelded Nagi. So, if you have admired the great foals he has sired with our beautiful girls, this is your last chance to get a colt out of him to add to your breeding program. Another great feature is his pedigree. With lots of great curlies in his background, but also out of some great, lesser known and less frequently used stallions and mares, so great to mix back into a breeding program if you have some of the more widely known and used stallions, etc. It is sooo tempting to keep this great guy! But he is kin to all our girls here and needs to find a great breeding home where he can pass along all his great qualities to further the breed. Available to approved breeding home only. Does not have to be a huge breeding program - his well being, health and happiness is of utmost importance!  $5,500 Click here to go to Wanji's page for more information, photos and a video of him.