Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
Our goal is quality, not quantity!

About Us

We are glad you stopped by to visit!
All of us here at Three Feathers are committed to living life for God's glory and to the fullest as best we can! We are honored and thrilled He brought this wonderful rare breed of horses into our lives! We have been breeding, raising, playing with and loving the American Curly Horses since 2004. We first were drawn to this breed for their wonderful hypo-allergenic coat qualities due to family members severe allergies to horses. (Read allergy testimony here.) After having them a short time, we fell head over heels for them and they are the only breed for us- with or even without the allergies!! Their extremely calm, friendly and willing personalities are even more exceptional than their wonderful, unique, hypo-allergenic curly coats! We are a small, family run farm. Our goals are quality, not quantity. Each of our horses are handled daily and are part of our family.  We strive to keep things as natural and close to nature and the way God designed as possible in their care. We only use natural horse care and training methods here at Three Feathers. Check out our page on natural horsemanship to learn more. Sit back, relax and take a tour of our farm and horses. We hope you'll enjoy your visit to Three Feathers Native Curly Horses!

Credit where credit is due...

We would like to give God all the credit and glory for our amazing horses! We think horses are one of the most awesome creations in His animal kingdom! Think He is pretty fond of them too- when Jesus returns to this earth someday, he could choose any of his marvelous creation to ride for his triumphant return... a mighty elephant, a proud lion or tiger or even create a totally new creation for the event! But, his ride of choice will be a horse! Revelation 19:11 "Then I saw heaven opened, and a white horse was standing there. Its rider was named Faithful and True, for he judges fairly and wages a righteous war." What a glorious sight it will be! We are honored and privileged he has allowed us to have these noble beasts in our lives and we give him all the credit for the success we have had in raising, breeding and selling them. He has used them to bless us in our own lives in so many ways as well as giving us the opportunity to share them and be a blessing to many others as well. We hope God continues to use them to his glory and to bless us and others as long as we have the strength to care for them, and maybe, we might be lucky enough to ride them behind Him on his white horse to heaven someday! ;-)

On Health...for horses and humans...

Over the years, we have sought the best methods to keep our horses healthy as naturally and as close to the way God designed as possible. This same desire for natural health also goes for us two-legged creatures here on the farm as well! Feel free to check out our website for humans at
Meet The gang here at Three Feathers-
Louis Tucker
Owner, farm manager, trainer, consultant, hoof care specialist, groom, mechanic, grounds keeper, night watchman, chief financier, curly lover and all around good guy!
Shawn Tucker
Owner, operator, farm manager, groom, marketing director, promotions coordinator, website designer, photographer, and very proud to be a curly horse owner!!
Trevor Tucker
Owner, operator, grounds keeper, trainer, chief stall mucker, sanitation engineer, weed-eater, curly horse lover and a real sweetheart! 
Chester the Cat
Basically, good for nothing but providing love and laughs. Pretty much the spoiled, pampered indoor pussy cat.  But, he is a special guy- funniest and most affectionate cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Here he is helping while I TRY to work on the computer.
Tobias - Blue & Gold Macaw
Seems God indeed has a sense of humor. Since we named our farm "Three Feathers", guess He figured we needed some FEATHERS here on the farm! Through a truly miraculous series of events, Tobias joined our family the first of January 2017. He keeps us smiling and laughing and God continues to teach us about the amazing animals of his creation and how to work with them for the happiness and well-being of both human and animal. Watch for us to add a page on parrot care soon! :-)
Bengal the Cat
Chief mouser, barn acrobat and comedian, brings smiles and loads of affection!!

Update - Bengal disappeared while we were on vacation. Presumptions are most likely he was taken by the many coyotes in our area. He will be greatly missed. One of the most loving and affectionate cats we have had the pleasure of knowing. We hope he will great us in heaven someday!
Mama Kitty
Mostly just takes up space here at the farm ;-) Think someone dropped her off after treating her roughly. We have finally gained her trust and she is a funny little thing. She keeps Bengal on his toes! Think she is a rare breed of cat called a Chartruex.

Update - Mama kitty came to us injured and she lived out her last days here loved and well cared for. Sure she is bossing kitties around up in heaven now as she waits for us to join her there!