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Warrior's Maizzie

**Maizzie has been with our curly herd and part of our family from the very beginning. So it has been a very heart-wrenching decision to offer her for sale. She is a very sweet mare. She stands 15.1 hh and is saddle trained. We would like to see her placed with her long-time friend and pasture mate Katee. We are willing to make a good deal if they can go to a new home together. Must go to a FORVEVER loving and caring home! Call us for more information and details.
Born in 2001, Maizzie was one of the first of 2 mares we chose to start our program here at Three Feathers. Her heritage traces back to Siting Bull's own horses! She is a beautiful buckskin/dun with all the markings including a dorsal stripe, shoulder shadows, dark points, leg bars and beautiful two-toned mane. She has had several beautiful foals for us and has passed on her good looks and intelligence to all of them.  She is a very sweet girl mare - always eager to trade a scratch and some loving with her human family! She is very smart! I love the little "conversations" she will have with us when she wants us to know what she is thinking! Although VERY laid back and easy going, she also has a great sense of pride which you can see comes through in her photographs. I sometimes think if I tried I could make a living just photographing her she is so beautiful and photogenic. See a video slide show of her below with some great photos of her - you can see her sweet and proud personality shine through! Link to Maizzie's pedigree here.

Bloodlines and Registration
Maizzie is a full American Curly Horse and is registered with both the American Bashkir Curly Registry, # 3234, and the North American Curly Horse Registry, #477-D. She was born in 2001 and is a beautiful buckskin/dun with all the primitive markings including a dorsal strip, leg bars, shoulder shadows, dark points, etc, and  a thin white blaze and 2 white socks on her rear legs. She has a gorgeous two-toned full mane and tail that touches the ground year round. She is out of the Warrior line of curly horses known for their awesome personalities, great build and trace their roots back to Chief Sitting Bull's own curly horses. She is out of Sekker's Warrior and Sage's Classy Gal You can view her pedigree here.