Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
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TFN Wachi Winyan Mazaska

Zaska has been full of surprises right from the day she was born! She was born a bit early and while we had guests here at the farm who got to share in her first days here on the farm. We noticed she was a lighter soft tan color (as seen in the header photo above) than the other babies we have had to date here at Three Feathers, but didn't think much of it until she started shedding her foal coat and revealing that her true color was going to be GRULLA! She is a grulla dun tobiano pinto complete with legs bars, and even some dorsal strip showing, PLUS she has BLUE EYES too!! And check out those white eyelashes! What a unique little gal she is goign to be!! And her personality is just a special - so loving she literally comes running to us and calling to as she runs. She is a sweetheart and also has just the right amount of spunk and playfulness too! She is goign to be one unique and fun gall to have here on the farm!! More pictures and fun stories about this little gal coming soon!
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