Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
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TFN MeSesko Warrior Showing off her winter curls!


Welcome to Three Feathers Native Curly Horses!

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lots of pictures and information on this amazing HYPO-ALLERGENIC breed of horse-


But, don't let them fool you! Their wonderful unique hypo-allergenic curly coats
are just one thing that makes them so special! Their personalities are even
MORE amazing than their curls!
Come on in and be amazed!!
Scroll down this page to check out our beautiful farm and barndominium 
home for sale here in central Kentucky!
Our *NEW* website is still under construction! We have SOOO much we want to share! We plan to add
information on natural training methods, barefoot horse trimming, riding bitless, freeze branding, natural
supplements, fun stories and more! But, we encourage you to come on in and visit while we Continue to
ad new and exciting things each week!
So, check back often!

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Check out our latest video featuring the adorable babies of Three Feathers!!

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Beautiful Central Kentucky Farm 
and Home for Sale!! 

We searched for years for the perfect place and thought 
we would live the rest of ourlives here, 
but God had other plans for us! So, our farm here is now for sale. 
154 acres, pastures and LOTS of beautiful mature woods, 
Lake, Creek, TONS of wildlife
~1,500 sq ft Barndominium (barn with living quarters)
Click link below for flyer with more information -